Kansas City Talks St. Paddy's Day Security

This is the first big event since the Chiefs Super Bowl parade mass shooting . . . Organizers are worried and we've done our best here at TKC to dispel the myth that the St. Paddy's Day parade has ever been a "family friendly" affair.

Again . . .

TKC spent a lot of time in Westport as a youngster and St. Paddy's in Kansas City has ALWAYS been about drunken brawling, carousing and possibly punching a priest for making out with your mom.

As always, we present a more hopeful take . . .

"Since the Chiefs Parade, leaders of both events have held more meetings with police to not only increase security, but also to get their staff on the same page with their own emergency response plans."

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Security plans in place to make for safest St. Patrick's Day possible

Two parades during St. Patrick's Day weekend mark the first major events since February's shooting at the Chiefs' Super Bowl Parade.