Kansas City Star Punts On Jackson County Sales Tax Extension Opinion

The latest screed from the newspaper clearly isn't an endorsement of an upcoming stadium vote but they don't seem to be backing billionaire subsidy opposition either . . . They seem skeptically noncommittal and leaning toward jumping on the NO VOTE side. 

Just like everyone else . . . 

It looks like The Kansas City Star would like to join the winning team but it's obvious they have no idea how this election is going to play out.

And so, to their credit, they raise some decent questions but don't really provide any answers:

"Promises are one thing, and contracts another; right now, we’re being asked to accept so much on faith that it seems like bad faith.

"When the Royals say they will not play at The K beyond the current lease term, that sounds to us like vote yes or else.

"Question 1 on the April 2 ballot asks Jackson County voters whether they want to repeal and replace the current 3/8-cent stadiums sales tax for the sports complex with a new 3/8-cent tax that would support the Chiefs and Royals for 40 years.

"Absentee voting has already started, and the team owners seem to think that goodwill for the Super Bowl-winning Chiefs plus our love of even losing Royals teams means we’ll say yes without thinking too much about what we’re agreeing to.

"In this scenario, voters overwhelmed with emotion will say, 'Yes, I will spend the next 40 years with you!'

"But this would lock taxpayers into a 40-year obligation without any guarantees that the teams would even stay in Kansas City that long . . . As of right now, we see no reason to support another subsidy for billionaires."

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