Kansas City Star Parent Company Drops Associated Press Content Amid Harsh Times

Credit to KICK-ASS TKC READERS for this spot on assessment . . .

"So will the Star have to add another Post Office Box for reporters to mail in more stories?" 

The bright side is that this move MIGHT make room for more local stories . . . But the reality is that that paper is just more likely to get even skinnier and offer less content to the last remaining subscribers.

Here's a bit more explanation and then a link to online reporting . . .

Like most newspaper companies, Gannett and McClatchy have been struggling financially for several years. Gannett’s workforce shrank 47% between 2020 and 2023 because of layoffs and attrition, according to the NewsGuild. The company also hasn’t earned a full-year profit since 2018, according to data provided by FactSet. Since then, it has lost $1.03 billion. The hedge fund Chatham Asset Management took control of the formerly family-owned McClatchy, with outlets in 30 U.S. markets, in a bankruptcy auction in 2020.

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Gannett, McClatchy news chains say they will stop using Associated Press content

The media companies Gannett and McClatchy, which together control more than 200 news outlets including USA Today and the Miami Herald, say they will stop using stories, video and images from The Associated Press later this month.