Kansas City Star Op/Ed Claims Embattled Old School Cop Laughed After Wrist Slap

Again . . . The real story here is that a dying dude gives journalists and activists a great deal of leeway.

Here's their side of the story . . .

Golubski and his lawyer, Chris Joseph, walked out of the federal courthouse laughing, said Kansas City, Kansas, activist Cece Harlin, who’d left court early “because it hurt too much.”

“They were cracking up,” she said, while for victims, it was another heartbreaking day.

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Ex-KCK cop Golubski exits courthouse 'cracking up,' after getting off easy again | Opinion

We don't have to guess whether he violated his house arrest one time or hundreds. If the prosecution cares to know, it can. Easily. From Melinda Henneberger: