Kansas City Spin: Baller Start, Battlegrounds & Cowtown Baristas

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More Deets On Cowtown Debut

Cole Ragans named Royals Opening Day starter

The Royals name their ace.

About Groundbreaking Barista

Meet the woman who owns, operates Kansas City's first Vietnamese coffee shop

Women's History Month is a time to celebrate past and present generations of women across the world, and how their adversity and accomplishments alike paved the way for future generations of women.

Show-Me Fight For Snail Mail

Missouri representatives work together to hold USPS accountable

Three Missouri representatives are joining forces to hold the United States Postal Service accountable for delivering bills late.

Speaking Up For The Dotte

This Kansas City Democrat voted yes on the flat tax. He says his vote was misheard

Sen. David Haley has publicly contemplated breaking with Democrats on the flat tax. He says he didn't mean to on Thursday night.

Kansas City Trading Days Underway

Chiefs set to lose L'Jarius Sneed in blow to Super Bowl three-peat bid

The Indianapolis Colts are closing in on a trade for Kansas City Chiefs defensive star L'Jarius Sneed - who was franchise tagged by the reigning Super Bowl champions

Diva Takes Demure Turnabout

Sommer Ray Has The Internet Mad After Saying She's "Fallen In Love With Celibacy" And Her Next Boyfriend Will Have To Wait Until Marriage

Happy final week of the NFL regular season! You may be focused on playoff implications, maybe even kissing your favorite team goodbye until next fall, but not the rest of the Internet. They're focused...

White House Legacy Debate

"Obama would be jealous": How Biden's rivalry with his ex-boss shapes his presidency

Biden often measures himself against the man he served as vice president, current and former aides say.

In Defense Of MAGA

Trump's 'bloodbath' comment taken out of context: Mulvaney

Mick Mulvaney says he is disappointed in the media for not adding context to Trump's quote after the former president warned of a "bloodbath" for the country's auto industry if he is not reelected.

Feds Control Feed?!?

Supreme Court to hear free speech case over government pressure on social media sites to remove content

The Supreme Court on Monday will hear two cases that involve "jawboning," or informal pressure by the government on an intermediary to take certain actions that will suppress speech.

Show-Me Search Cont'd

Missing college student Riley Strain's bank card found near Nashville-area river days after being kicked out of bar

The bank card for the college student who went missing after being kicked out of a Nashville bar was found by cops near a river in the area Sunday.

Feel Four Day Bern & Don't Argue Too Much Because NOBODY Works Friday Afternoon

Will Bernie Sanders' proposed 32-hour workweek pass Congress?

A push to slash the standard workweek from 40 hours to 32 achieved a breakthrough this week, gaining a foothold in the Senate with a proposal that would require businesses to offer the 32-hour workweek but preserve employee pay. The bill, put forward by Sen.

Debating Holy Land On Hill

Joe Lieberman slams Schumer for anti-Netanyahu speech: 'Can't ever remember anything like it'

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman on Sunday blasted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for calling for an election to replace Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, denouncing the New York Democrat's remarks as "outrageous."

Gaming Out 2024 

7 battlegrounds that will decide who wins the presidency

It's a rematch. President Biden and former President Trump each hit a key marker last week, clinching enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee of their respective party. The outcome of the general election will come down to a handful of states, as usual. The map maintained by The Hill and Decision Desk HQ lists...

Eastern Europe Battle Ground Worsens With Tech Re-Up

Ukraine's Seven-Ton Strike Drones Are Back In Action

Ukraine is reaching deeper into its stocks of Cold War-vintage leftovers to find weapons-any weapons-that can strike military and industrial targets deep inside Russia.

Fight For Holy Land Persists

Israel launches night raid on Gaza al-Shifa hospital

Eye witnesses described panic and gunfire around the hospital in Gaza City after IDF troops moved in.

Rocket Man Renews Threats

North Korea fires missiles in Sea of Japan days after US military drill with the South

North Korea fired a missile into the Sea of Japan Monday after the U.S. engaged in what the North regards as provocative military drills with its southern neighbor.

Changing Time South Of Border

Mexico's Sheinbaum Leads Vote Race by 19 Points, Poll Says

(Bloomberg) -- Mexico's ruling party candidate for the presidency, Claudia Sheinbaum, is ahead of her main opposition rival Xochitl Galvez by 19 percentage points, according to a March poll.

American Party Time Crackdown

Spring break crowd thins out as day 3 of midnight curfew gets underway in Miami Beach

While the throngs have thinned, the city's crackdown on spring break - including a newly enacted midnight curfew - hasn't stopped vacationers and locals alike from heading to the historic neighborhood.

Ladies' Choice For Backdoor Shenanigans 

Some women enjoy an*l sex - it shouldn't be a guilty pleasure

The stigma around anal sex is damaging for women - and diminishes their sexual autonomy

Another Taste Of Local Collective Bargaining

Overland Park Starbucks becomes fourth KC-area store to unionize. It took over 2 years

Employees of the Overland Park store unanimously elected to unionize by a vote of 14-0.

Springtime Chill To Start

FIRST WARN 5 FORECAST: Monday to bring chilly temperatures, steady wind

Good morning and happy Sunday! We are going to be feeling like spring this weekend into the beginning of next week with Monday reaching near-record highs!

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