Kansas City South Side Split Decision On Stadium Tax Question 1

Close readers of the local discourse are obliged to check out dueling editorials making their case for the upcoming election show down.

A quick peek at perspectives . . .

Jackson County Legislator Deron McGee takes the YES VOTE perspective. As a lead designer of this ballot issue and power player behind the scenes . . . His writing on the topic is of special interest.

On the NO VOTE side . . . Pete Dulin is a longtime local arts community scribe and respected community journalist. He drives home a great many criticisms we've heard over the past month.

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The Stadiums Tax: Why you should vote YES

Don't let a few loud voices fool you: This proposal has the support, commitments and buy-in it needs to enhance our entire community.

The stadiums tax: Why you should vote NO

Here's the opportunity facing voters: A no vote leaves the option open for a different, more equitable proposal for a Royals stadium built in another location.

Developing . . .