Kansas City Small Biz Drives Job Growth

Yes, there's a great deal of hype in this report . . . However, it follows a trend: Small biz hiring outpaces corporate gigs across the nation . . . Here's a look at "the science" and we wish everybody luck in their job search:

"This year’s report reveals that across the metro area, first-time employers with fewer than 20 employees created 19,771 jobs in 2022. From 2018-22, these startups created an average of 17,089 new jobs each year. Considering both the employees whom startups hired as well as job losses, in 2018 and in each succeeding year through 2022, first-time employers in Kansas City were responsible for a total of 86,429 jobs created in 2022, accounting for 66 percent of all new jobs in the KC metro."

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KC is creating jobs like never before; here's what's behind the surge (hint: it's small biz hiring)

Kansas City startups created more than 19,700 jobs in 2022, yet again creating more jobs than in any of the previous five years. Additionally, as in 2021, Kansas City tech companies generated twice as many jobs in 2022 than in any year from 2018 to 2020.