Kansas City Searches For Gun Crackdown Compromise Amid EPIC Deadly Violence

This column is worth a read if only because it doesn't look to demonize opposition and hopes that both sides can work toward PUBLIC SAFETY . . . Which should be the goal of both gun rights advocates and their detractors.

Here's a quote and a link to more info . . .

"Of the 182 homicides committed in 2023, 55% of the suspects as well as 65% of the victims were B(lack) men. If Kansas City wants to be more aggressive in policing, we need to come to terms with the fact that the focus of that policing will not fall on everyone equally — just as the benefit will not fall on everyone equally.

"Prosecutors need support as well. While there will always be anecdotes of light sentences or prosecutions lost, in the aggregate, Jackson County is outperforming the rest of Missouri. The average sentence for homicide in Jackson County was 27.6 years in 2023, up from 23.3 years in 2019. (It’s 25.5 years statewide.)

"Actions by the Missouri legislature change criminal justice as well. After the “stand your ground” law was adopted in 2016, prosecutors dismiss more cases than they would like because of self-defense claims. Anyone involved in a drug deal-related shooting, for example, has a pretty compelling case that they feared for their life. Lower legal standards give them the chance to get away with it."

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