Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium 'Concrete Cancer' ALMOST Explained

In this latest update . . . The terminal condition of the facility is maintained . . . But then downplayed as a reason for the INEVITABLE MOVE . . . Take a peek:

Chiefs President Mark Donovan said a ‘bad batch’ of concrete was part of the reason the Chiefs are able to renovate while a renovation at Kauffman would be so expensive.

Two days after that news conference, County Executive and Royals Hall of Famer Frank White, who plans to vote no on this issue, called on the teams’ landlords, the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority (JCSCA), to investigate the structural integrity of the stadiums . . .

“They do a study regularly out there, and I think they’re all out on their website to show that this issue exists,” Royals President of Business Operations Brooks Sherman said of the JCSCA. “Then it gets repaired by the team, and so that evidence is already out there that we do the right work to maintain that stadium. The stadium is safe for our fans, period. It is safe, and the concrete cancer, that’s not new news. That’s been out there for a long time, and we have to replace concrete. That’s part of what we do as part of our responsibility to maintain the stadium and the authority does their report and has that study done to show that, so that exists. It’s not new news. It’s also not the reason we’re leaving. The reason we need a new stadium are the two that I just mentioned, player development, fan amenities and experiences.”

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Royals explain concrete cancer issue, fans weigh in on stadium debate

The election on April 2 will decide whether the Royals get sales tax money to help them build a new ballpark in the East Crossroads