The reviews are in and it seems that the vast majority of Kansas City denizens of the discourse aren't impressed with financial incentives offered by the Chiefs & Royals. 

Even fans of the team have criticized the offer, transparency along with a dearth of checks & balances. 

Amongst the oceans of chatter from competing urban special interests and political hacks funded by dark money . .  . This passage from a fan blog resonates louder and more accurately than most:

"Basically, there are still no concrete details about how the money will be used to better the lives of Jackson County citizens, the Royals will still largely be policing themselves, and even in the best-case scenario, the team appears to believe that the county’s people are worth less than one Adam Frazier late-offseason signing per year.

"Based on my reading of these documents, the Royals could feasibly pay themselves $3.5 million to send players out on speaking engagements to raise awareness for mental health and that would meet the incredibly loose guidelines for their obligations to the CBA for that year.

Seriously, with absolutely no details and no oversight, there will be no way of knowing if or how the Royals’ money is used to help people. Based on the secretive nature and vague statements the team has thrived on since John Sherman’s purchase, I can’t imagine they’ll even pretend to tell us, either. I expect this to fade completely into the background once they secure their yes votes."

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