Kansas City Public Radio & TV Predict Climate Change Dust Bowl Days

Yes . . . They aren't lying . . . The Midwest and a big part of the nation are, in fact, coping with an ongoing drought that has lasted nearly two years. 

Traditional April showers MIGHT help this situation.

Meanwhile . . .

The reporting from our progressive friends seems exceptionally dire and seemingly predicts impending skyfall if your mom doesn't give up her SUV:

"This year, wildfires have already charred thousands of acres, killed livestock and destroyed structures and homes in the Great Plains. Evacuations were issued in parts of Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas. Other sections of states in the Midwest have also experienced higher fire risk.

"It’s common for Oklahoma and parts of Texas to see more wildfires as winter turns to spring. But warmer temperatures, dry weather and wind speeds created optimal conditions for wildfires and their activity has increased, said Gary McManus, Oklahoma’s state climatologist."

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The Great Plains now have 'wildfire years,' not seasons, as blazes start and spread earlier

This year, wildfires have already burned thousands of acres in the Great Plains. Dry conditions and unseasonably warm temperatures have optimal settings for wildfires, and some experts say they are seeing more intense fires.

Droughts, Climate Change, Drive US Beef Herd to Historic Low

Persistent drought, complicated by climate change, have helped drive the nation's inventory of beef cattle to a 61--year low.

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