Kansas City Public Library Loses Money On Downtown Stadium

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There are a great many homeless shelters that could pick up the slack where the library leaves off.

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Several tax paying businesses would be demolished near the Crossroads District if the Kansas City Royals build their new proposed stadium there.

Carrie Coogan, deputy director of community engagement and public affairs for KCPL said they've crunched the numbers.

"It's going to affect our direct budget by anywhere between $90,000 to $120,000 per year," Coogan said. "In the course of 40 years, that's between $3.5 to $5 million."

The Chiefs and Royals want voters to approve a 3/8-cent stadium sales-tax to fund the new ballpark's construction, which would be located in the downtown Crossroads District.

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Kansas City Public Library estimates loss of at least $3M in property tax revenue with downtown Royals stadium

The Kansas City Public Library said they've reached out to be included in a CBA agreement with the Royals and Chiefs

Royals say new stadium won't hurt KCPS revenue, but silent on libraries, mental health services

The Royals are finalizing a deal to compensate KCPS for lost property taxes if a tax extension passes and the team builds a downtown stadium. While the team has committed to making up lost revenue, KCPS is pushing for more.

Royals' pitch for a Crossroads ballpark isn't the first; what struck out KC's plans for a domed downtown stadium 60 years ago?

Almost forgotten in the decades since is that Kansas City seriously considered building a domed downtown stadium for both baseball and football. And that stadium would have been built in the Crossroads, just three blocks west of where the Kansas City Royals now want to build a new ballpark.

Stadium Subsidies and Community Impact

Flatland examines the impact a downtown Royals stadium would have on the Kansas City arts district.

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