Kansas City Playlist: Politics Of Sabotage

Inevitably . . . Last minute rhetoric aimed at Kansas City voters delves into the sordid world of partisan politics.

Voters under fire from both sides are confronted with nasty ultimatums . . .

Supposedly, the downtown stadium fight is now an existential struggle betwixt radical liberals vs. billionaires in a cataclysmic showdown to determine the faith of Kansas City.

Similarly, we enjoyed this quote sent our way by one of the most loyal TKC readers . . . 

"I might even agree with some of these activists but generally I've seen them do nothing but sabotage Kansas City and work against the best interests of anybody with a job. They don't want a busy and bustling downtown, they don't want people to have fun at sporting events . . . They encourage human misery at every turn because that is how they hold an advantage . . . The activists thrive on suffering and discontent. That's their biggest weakness . It seems like their vision for Kansas City his housing projects along with an unproductive ongoing war against police. I'm skeptical about the new stadiums but I can't side with people who only want to cause pain to further their agenda."


Again, here at TKC . . . We don't care how you vote . . . However, the topic of municipal sabotage inspires our www.TonysKansasCity.com playlist tonight . . .

A Beatles tune kicks off our list given that b*tching about taxes is a beloved tradition that's as old as human civilization . . . And even our activist friends have their own designs on so much local taxable revenue.

A lost anti-consumerist track from Brit band Johnny Boy features pretty much the same back-beat from ‘Be My Baby’ and the best song title in modern music history that's perfect for this upcoming vote: ‘You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve’

A recent song from "The Chicks" seems apropos if only because political self-sabotage ruined their otherwise promising career.

An 80s fave offers a great frame of reference: Culture Club and 'Karma Chameleon' gave the Western World a first glimpse at soulful challenges to gender norms. As it applies to this debate . . . For better and worse TKC remains a Westsider . . . And so . . . Hearing Crossroads denizens complain about gentrification & threats from development seems oddly "familiar" given that they MIGHT soon find their outcry is also dismissed by people with more cash.

Fun fact . . . In a story from the audiobook of a recent memoir, the Beastie Boys revealed that "Sabotage" is actually about an annoying sound engineer. And so this 90s era classic serves to conclude our late night list of songs dedicated to the local discourse and so many activists & politicos attempting to impose their will on the populace that probably just wants a few moments of distraction watching their heroes play ball.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.