Kansas City Playlist: Cowtown Trust?!?

And yet again all things in Kansas City and contemporary life come down to a simple issue that most grown men can't answer seriously without taking a moment of pause.

Who do you trust???

The reactionary answer is NOBODY but the truth is that NOBODY has the luxury to live without trust.

Think about it for just a second and every push of a car brake, drink of coffee or footstep out of bed is an act of existential faith and trust. 

Kansas City will talk the upcoming Jackson County Question 1 to death in the next 10 days but we think the bigger picture is more interesting . . .

Will Kansas City voters believe the assurances of pro sports teams, unions and developers OR, mostly out of frustration . . . Will the cowtown electorate give confidence to younger activists, right-wing anti-tax advocates, struggling small businesses and politicos working against the majority of their colleagues???

Both sides have an agenda and want BILLIONS worth of taxpayer cash for their own ideas . . . Anyone who claims otherwise isn't being honest.

Here at TKC we don't tell people how to vote and calls to action are always a surefire hint that someone wants to enforce their ideas and not participate in a conversation. 

Forgive us tonight's nostalgia . . . 

Through our bloggy career we did a bit of (unsuccessful) screenwriting and it always tickled us just a bit that about 20 years ago in LA . . . Whenever anyone said "trust me" it was an alternative way of saying "f*ck you" without having to break decorum - It was an inside joke that separated the veterans from newbies and younger female executives. Left Coast duplicity might not have yet taken over our cowtown . . . But only because a violent, corrupt and criminal history has instilled more than a bit of healthy skepticism amongst Kansas City lifers. 

And all of this inspires our www.TonysKansasCity.com playlist tonight . . .

Suggested by our BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS . . . Jorney's "Don’t Stop Believin’" is recognized as the "biggest song of all time" and that's a good place to start tonight's listening session.

At 74 years old Billy Joel is back on the road again but this 80s clip features him back in his heyday when the pianoman stepped out from behind the keyboard and not only played guitar but even did a bit of dancing. "A Matter Of Trust" is one of his underrated songs wherein his voice might have been at its strongest.

"Trust No Man" by Jimmy Cliff is our favorite song of the night and its whimsical tune offers a hint to us that the chorus is asking something impossible.

Etta James is one of our all-time faves and her tragic life makes the poignant words of her song "Trust In Me" even more bittersweet.

I guess this is another Billy Joel playlist because we always kinda thought he was "putting on" just a bit with his classic "Honesty" because, even for the time, the song is so sappy it evokes an eye-roll and a giggle . . . And that seems to nail yet another election wherein our political betters are fighting over money again whilst hoping/wishing and/or pretending to represent the best interests of the plebs.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.