Kansas City Office Of Language Access ALMOST Explained

Here's a conversation that mostly includes progressive accolades and a peek at locals preparing for a world without borders for better and worse . . . Check-it:

The ordinance, passed on Feb. 22 by a 12-1 vote, guarantees funding for the new office and sets some staffing guidelines. But much of the office's function will be determined by those hired to staff it. Local translators and interpreters hope services will be available for all aspects of local government, and extend beyond Google Translate and other machine translators. They also want the services to enhance cultural understanding.

"Language and culture go hand in hand," said Selestina Bilombele, who interprets sermons at Kuomba United Methodist Church. "If they can translate it, but not implement the context or the culture, it really does change how people receive it."

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Kansas City has a new Office of Language Access. What should it accomplish?

The Kansas City Council approved the creation of an Office of Language Access in a 12-1 vote last month. Stakeholders hope the office will be comprehensive and implemented in every corner of local government.