Kansas City News Bling: Locals In Luck, Russians Attacked & Campaign 2024 Insults

As the world plunges deeper into chaos, right now model, biz lady & hottie EmRata inspires hope and this glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Old School Real Life Shared

Kansas City's living history museums offer an up-close and personal look at the past

Around the Kansas City region, living history museums like Missouri Town and Shawnee Town reveal how people lived in earlier eras, with collections of historic buildings, demonstrations of period crafts, and stories of the people who lived there.

Show-Me Northland Fortune

Missouri Lottery winner "walking on air" after $222K jackpot changes his life

One Cass County Missouri Lottery player is "walking on air" after a $222,000 jackpot in the Show Me Cash drawing changed his life.

Betting On The Dotte

March Madness sparks surge in sports betting at Hollywood Casino in KCK

Gamblers bet more than $9 million in Kansas last year - and Hollywood Casino says, two days into March Madness, more sports betting than a year ago has already been seen.

Rock Chalk Game Day

Gonzaga vs. Kansas predictions: March Madness odds, picks, bets for Saturday

How to bet Gonzaga-Kansas on Saturday.

Serving South Side

Is Watt's Mill south KC's newest entertainment district?

"I felt the area needed a late night alternative to the general sports bar theme."

Stone Out Of Love

Emily Ratajkowski's latest flex? Divorce rings | CNN

Diamonds are forever - especially for Emily Ratajkowski, who has chosen to turn her engagement ring into something entirely new following her split from her film producer husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Numbers Now Favor Prez

Biden's Job Rating Steady at 40%; Middle East Approval at 27%

Biden's job approval rating is 40%, while ratings of his handling of the economy, foreign affairs and the Middle East situation are below his overall approval.

White House Insults Predecessor

Biden campaign tests Trump's name-calling strategy with 'Broke Don'

President Biden's reelection campaign has dubbed former President Trump "Broke Don," taking a strategy out of Trump's playbook that his political rivals know all too well. Trump has used nicknames - from "Little Marco" to "Crooked Hillary" to "Lyin' Ted" - to put down a variety of opponents.

MAGA Demands Cash Justice

Trump says he could appeal New York fraud case ruling to the Supreme Court

The former president has appealed the ruling by New York Judge Arthur Engoron from February, which orders Trump to pay a more than $454 million bond by Monday.

House Divided Again

Greene threatens to throw House back into chaos with threat to oust Speaker Johnson

The House may be headed for chaos - again. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-Ga.) new bid to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) sent shockwaves through Washington on Friday, infuriating many Republicans who are scrambling to unite ahead of November's elections, while threatening to throw the House - and especially the GOP conference - into a state of...

Political Money Matters

Senate passes $1.2 trillion spending plan, avoiding government shutdown

Washington has a plan to avert a government shutdown but faces a gauntlet of procedural steps in the hours ahead before a stoppage can be averted at midnight on Friday.

Wartime Threats Escalate

The death toll rises to 115 in an attack on a Moscow concert hall

Russian officials say the death toll has risen to 115 in an attack by assailants who burst into a concert hall and sprayed the crowd with gunfire. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for Friday's attack in a statement.

Vlad Threats Begin

Putin claims Moscow concert hall gunmen tried to escape to Ukraine

VLADIMIR Putin appeared to hint Russia is seeking to blame UKRAINE for the Moscow massacre that left 133 dead - and vowed vengeance. Russia is reeling after the horrific terrorist attack last...

Moscow Slaughter Aftermath

Moscow attack latest: All four suspects arrested after Crocus City Hall shootings, Russia says - BBC News

President Putin declares tomorrow a national day of mourning and promises to find and punish those behind the attack.

Holy Land Fighting Intensifies

Israeli settlers step up attacks on Palestinian farms, expanding West Bank outposts

NPR visits one West Bank town where Israelis are grazing sheep, in a place where a Palestinian school once stood.

Caribbean Escape

As gangs rampage through Haiti's capital, more than 33,000 people have fled in 13 days, report finds

U.N. officials say more than 33,000 people have fled Haiti's capital in a span of nearly two weeks as gangs continue to pillage homes and attack state institutions.

World Sends Royals Love

Princess of Wales: Sympathy in Berkshire after cancer announcement

Berkshire residents express their sadness and support after royal's cancer treatment announcement.

Funny Man Earns Serious Cash

Serenity, Now! Jerry Seinfeld's net worth tops $1 billion thanks to syndication deals for hit sitcom

The 69-year-old Long Island native has reaped $465 million through syndication deals since the final episode aired in 1998. He made an additional $94 million from selling the streaming rights for a...

Talker Shares Dire Prediction

Bill Maher Warns Democrats to Kill Identity Politics or Else They'll Lose

Bill Maher makes a super compelling case that pandering to racial groups is a sure way to lose elections ... because all these identities in America are now blurred beyond recognition.

Cowtown Digs On Swine

The perfect slow-cooked ham for your Easter dinner

Start planning your slow-cooked Easter ham from Fritz's Meats and Superior Sausage where they make them special.

Golden Ghetto Burger Resurrection

Work begins on Sickies Garage in former Overland Park Red Robin

Sickies Garage has begun construction on its first Johnson County space - the former home of a Red Robin in northern Overland Park.

Revival Near Downtown

Columbus Park businesses pleased with influx of foot traffic on KC Current game day

Located less than half a mile from CPKC Stadium, Columbus Park businesses along 5th Street said they saw an influx of customers before and after the KC Current's first match of the season.

Sweet Comeback

Honey production grew in 2023 - but it's a small bright spot in a struggling industry

For the first time in three years, honey yields rose across the United States. It's good news in an industry facing headwinds.

Katie's Weekend Forecast

Temperatures chilly Saturday, monitoring weekend rain impact

We might see a brief shower Saturday night and Sunday morning

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