Kansas City Mom Accused Of Decapitation Might Soon Stand Trial

The horrific deets of this case give way to legal wrangling and debate about mental health.

Here's the most important part of an ongoing conversation . . .

"A judge temporarily ordered a suspension upon a finding that Tasha Haefs lacked the capacity to understand the government’s case or substantially participate in her own defense.

"Last week, the state health department’s attorney filed a redacted mental health report along with its motion. A judge must make a ruling for the case to resume.

"Haefs’ competence was re-evaluated after several months of treatment, according to Michael Mansur, a spokesman with Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office."

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KC mom - accused of decapitating 6-year-old - is fit for trial, health officials say

A Jackson County judge will now rule whether case against mother who killed her 6-year-old will proceed