Kansas City Metro Population Spikes But Johnson County Leads Growth

Local politicos on the KCMO side shouldn't get too slap happy about recent census numbers . . .


 For a blip of a second downtown KC earned a numbers spike but that time seems to be at an end.

Also . . . Life in The Dotte isn't looking so great . . . 

Here's just bit of data we have liberated with a link to more reporting . . .

The Census Bureau reported that the Kansas City region had a population of 2,221,343 in 2023, up from 2,208,782 (+12,561) in 2022, 2,203,335 in 2021 and 2,195,218 in 2020. The new figure means Kansas City remains the 31st-largest U.S. metro by population, ahead of Columbus, Ohio (2,138,941), but behind Cincinnati (2,249,781).

Population increases by county . . .

Johnson County, up 3,146 to 622,237
Clay County, up 2,842 to 259,772
Jackson County, up 2,342 to 718,560
Cass County, up 1,375 to 111,732
Platte County, up 1,370 to 111,940
Leavenworth County, up 596 to 83,518
Wyandotte County, down -345 to 165,281

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Kansas City metro posts biggest population surge in Missouri and Kansas, Census Bureau estimates show - Kansas City Business Journal

The metro's population has increased more than all of the 11 other metros in the Show-Me and Sunflower states combined. Find out which counties are driving Kansas City's growth even beyond the national average.