Kansas City Mayor Q Opposes Downtown Stadium Blocking Oak Street

On this topic . . . He's absolutely correct . . . The only problem . . . There aren't many politicos who have been able to successfully navigate a productive relationship with the Royals and/or Chiefs without offering total submission. 

Given his silence in this debate . . . It's doubtful Mayor Q will have much luck pushing back the team in an event of an April 2nd victory. 

Still . . . Here's a peek at his concern that's mostly crafted to deflect criticism against his low-key endorsement of Question 1 . . . 

"Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas says he likes the thought of having a Royals baseball stadium in the East Crossroads neighborhood. But he objects to the team's proposal to block off Oak Street and to redevelop property east of Oak, which would displace a number of small businesses."

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Mayor Lucas will vote yes on KC stadiums tax, but he opposes Royals closing Oak Street

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is adamant that Oak Street not be closed to make way for a new Royals ballpark in the East Crossroads area.