Kansas City Mayor Q Demands Gun Trafficker Legal Crackdown

This morning the BEST & BRIGHTEST denizens of our www.TonysKansasCity.com blog community noticed Mayor Q advocating for Prez Biden's approach to confronting violent time.

A close read reveals the top KCMO politico previewing new action to target gunmakers.

Here's the word . . .

"Traffickers purchasing legally through gun shops in the surrounds and gun shows flood our communities with high-capacity weapons. This is how teens and felons get guns in Kansas City every day.  

"There are responsible laws that can make us safer.

"Support people who want to save our lives and our children’s lives."

Here are the basics of the talking points he's sharing on Twitter . . . 

➡️ New gun laws, like the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act signed by Pres. Biden, work in getting crime guns and traffickers off our streets

➡️ Gun shows/shops sold items like AM-15s to then-20 and 21 year olds as they trafficked dozens of high-capacity guns onto our streets

➡️ Teens don’t get guns out of thin air. Traffickers flood guns into the hands of minors and felons on our streets

➡️ Efforts to limit federal gun laws, like in Missouri, endanger us all

➡️ Cooperation between the ATF and local law enforcement saves lives in Kansas City


You decide . . .