Kansas City Man Suffers Gunfire After Giving Dollar At Gas Station

Today's excuse never to help anybody and why avoiding eye contact after dark isn't such a bad policy:

"KCPD noted that the man had been leaving a gas station in the 4500 block of Cleveland Ave. on Feb. 22 and was asked for a dollar - he gave it. However, the individual who asked for the money instead had two others waiting inside the gas station.

"As two other individuals exited the gas station, one of them could be seen shooting the victim as the other two rummaged through his pockets and stole his vehicle.

"As of Friday, the three individuals had not yet been identified and no arrests have been made. Police said the victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. "

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KCPD searching for 3 suspects accused in armed robbery at gas station

Kansas City police are searching for three suspects who allegedly shot and robbed a man at a gas station near 45th Street and Cleveland Avenue.

Police search for suspect who shot, robbed man giving money at KC gas station

Police in Kansas City are searching for three individuals who shot and robbed a man who thought he was giving a homeless individual money.

Horrific video shows man hand over a dollar before being shot, robbed while laying on the ground - police searching for suspect

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department is asking for the public's help to identify three suspects in a shooting and robbery captured on video on Feb. 22.

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