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Support Local History

KC activist, matriarch spent her life dedicated to others, now family is asking for a helping hand

"She remembered having attacks from dogs and police and before she did the March on Washington, she met Dr. Martin Luther King,"

Golden Ghetto Foodie Reviews

Food recs: The best restaurants in Overland Park, Kansas

Kansas' second-largest city is a food-lover's paradise with some of the best Asian food in the metro, including Chinese dim sum and all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. There's no shortage of classic barbecue joints and fine-dining establishments either.

Trash Talk Moves Forward

South KC landfill opponents prepare for a potential Senate battle, after a win in the Missouri House

Last year, a bill that would block a proposed landfill in south KC never got a vote in the Senate. Landfill opponents hope this year will be different.

Unappetizing: Rubber Link Hazard 

Sausage sold in Kansas recalled due to contamination risk

Sausages sold in Kansas may contain rubber, FSIS warns.

Rolling Toward Inflation

Missouri and Kansas have some of the highest property taxes on vehicles in the country

More than a dozen states don't charge any taxes or annual fees for owning a car. We break it down ahead of the state deadlines.

Total Recall Winning

Stowers Institute Scientific director receives award for 'paradigm-shifting' work in memory research

One of the area's top scientists received a coveted award for his "paradigm shifting" work to understand how our memory works and how that defines us.

New Dress Adorns Toy Train

New Kansas City Current wrapped KC Streetcar unveiled on International Women's Day

The third version of a Kansas City Current wrapped KC Streetcar was unveiled Friday at Union Station. The unveiling happened just days before the NWSL team plays the inaugural game in the first stadium built specifically for a women's sports franchise.

Internets Smut Debated In Review

'Money Shot: The P*rnhub Story' Review: A Netflix Documentary Explores the World's Reigning P*rn Site and the Clampdown On It

Suzanne Hillinger's film looks at how Pornhub empowered sex workers but was accused of abetting sex traffickers. It's a war that's still going on.

Prez Leans Into Numbers Game

Biden campaign releases new ad that touches on president's age

The 60-second spot is the first in a six-week, $30 million ad buy announced by the campaign this week.

MAGA Tech Turnabout

Trump says without TikTok, 'Facebook and Zuckerschmuck will double their business'

Trump once pushed for a TikTok ban in the US during his presidency, but he may be changing his tune.

Ousted Retrospective

McCarthy on Biden State of the Union: 'All he did was look mean and angry'

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) expressed his distaste for President Biden's recent State of the Union Address Friday. "He wasn't speaking to the nation, what he was really doing is speaking to his party," McCarthy said in an interview on Fox News' "Jesse Watters Primetime" Friday, highlighted by Mediaite.

Tragedy At Border Cont'd

2 National Guard members and Border Patrol agent are killed in Texas helicopter crash

Three National Guard soldiers and a Border Patrol agent were on board when a helicopter crashed near the Mexican border. A soldier was seriously injured.

Poke Is No Political Joke

Trump's vaccine rhetoric sends chills through public health circles

Public health advocates are watching in growing alarm as former President Trump increasingly embraces the anti-vaccine movement. "I will not give one penny to any school that has a vaccine mandate or a mask mandate," Trump said in a recent campaign rally in Richmond, Va. It's a line Trump has repeated, and his campaign said...

Holy Land War Persists

Israel strikes landmark residential tower in southern Rafah as truce talks stall

Israel struck one of the largest residential towers in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, residents said, stepping up pressure on the last area of the enclave it has not yet invaded and where over a million displaced Palestinians are sheltering. The Israeli military did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the incident.

Vlad Bomb Threat Exposed

Exclusive: US prepared 'rigorously' for potential Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine in late 2022, officials say | CNN Politics

In late 2022, the US began "preparing rigorously" for Russia potentially striking Ukraine with a nuclear weapon, in what would have been the first nuclear attack in war since the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki nearly eighty years before, two senior administration officials told CNN.

Far East Confronts Fading Fortunes

China pursues aggressive growth to prevent devastating slowdown: government aims to 'transform' economy

China's economy has faced several hurdles on its path to economic recovery, starting with the draconian zero-COVID policies that hampered activity and led to a supply chain crisis.

Celeb Love Upstages Pop Music

Watch Taylor Swift Run to and Passionately Kiss Travis Kelce After Her Singapore Show

Travis Kelce went the distance for his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, once more for her Singapore show-and was rewarded handsomely for it.

Everybody Is Doing It

Can Polyamorous Relationships Really Work Out Long-Term?

We spoke to a therapist about the pros, cons and everything in between.

Ladies Love Boozing Too

Boulevard Brewing Company releases special beer for International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day, Boulevard Brewing Company will host a special Flower Power Happy Hour today to debut a new beer brewed on behalf of Pink Boots Society.

Community Report Updated

327: Introducing the Newest Northeast News Staff! | Northeast News

A fun and lively conversation introducing the newest Northeast News staff with Michael Bushnell with With Marketing & Development Specialist Alex Andersen, and Art Director & Designer Lillian Taylor-Gibbs. We...

Katie's Weekend Outlook

Saturday gets windier as the day goes on

Saturday will have high temperatures around 53 degrees; winds will be strongest in the afternoon. Don't forget about Daylight Saving Time on Sunday.

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