Kansas City Lift: Cowtown Sports Hype, MAGA Money & Geopolitics

Right now, at the outset of Holy Week, angel KB inspires this Sunday midday collection of pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Cowtown Fleece Convention

Alpacas compete in KC, including the social media famous Oliver: MOPACA

MOPACA: The Missouri Invitational Alpaca Show drew alpaca owners and fans to Kansas City at Hale Arena inside the American Royal building.

Hype Machine Cont'd

4 The People: Kansas City's big wave of sports success

Kansas City is experiencing a boom as a sports town, and sports commission CEO Kathy Nelson sits down with FOX4 to discuss World Cup, NCAA championships, and the Jackson County stadium sales tax vo...

Show-Me Healthcare Hot Mess

Missouri's Medicaid application delays exceed federal limits for a third straight month

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires that Medicaid applications for the largest group of participants - who are low-income children, families and adults - be processed within 45 days. In February, Missouri took an average of 77 days to process applications.

Rock Chalk Equity Crackdown

They don't define DEI, but Kansas lawmakers are attacking it like GOP colleagues elsewhere

Kansas lawmakers have joined fellow Republicans in other states in trying to restrict diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on university campuses

Sketching Out Success

Kansas City's Darkmoon Comics hosts pop-up event

Darkmoon Comics has published 9 comics since 2021, has 8 more in production, 5 motion comics completed, and one animated series in production. Don't miss this opportunity to nerd out with the people behind the next big venture in comics and animation, right here in our own city.

Angel Opts Out

Kelly Brook shares that she's quit acting as she discusses 'terrible situation'

Heart Radio host Kelly Brook has appeared in various acting roles over the years including in an episode of Midsomer Murders, but she's now suggested she's 'leaving' the industry

Prez Plays Nurse

Biden campaign releases new ad slamming Trump's push to repeal Obamacare

The ad, titled "Flatline," is out just one day before the 14th anniversary of the act, which was a signature part of then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden's agenda.

MAGA Cash Crunch This Week

Trump's Huge Legal Day Monday: $454 Million Bond Comes Due, Hush Money Hearing

New York Attorney General Letitia James could begin seizing Trump's properties or freezing his bank accounts to cover his bond.

American Royalty Redux

RFK Jr. seeks major boost with VP announcement

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s impending announcement of his running mate is threatening to roil the 2024 presidential race, with allies and observers saying it could give him a cash influx as well as a major boost of momentum as he looks to get on more state ballots.

Dem Leader Ready To Tinker

Schumer-linked PACs spend millions to meddle in GOP primaries

Groups associated with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have in recent years meddled in numerous GOP Senate primaries, most recently in Ohio and Montana.

Pride Cover Up

Pride flags banned at US embassies as a result of $1.2 trillion spending package

President Biden accepted language in the $1.2 trillion spending package that bans the flying of pride flags at U.S. embassies, and the White House is looking to repeal.

Vlad Plots Revenge

Will Putin try to use the Moscow massacre for his war in Ukraine?

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for trying to help the alleged Moscow attackers escape. Experts say he could use it to bolster his war.

Veep Threatens Holy Land

Harris says US has not ruled out 'consequences' if Israel invades Rafah

Kamala Harris suggested there could be "consequences" for Israel if it moves ahead with a Rafah invasion in Gaza, as Netanyahu plans

Global Power Play

Watch: Famous landmarks around the world power down for Earth Hour.

Iconic buildings around the world go dark as part of the annual Earth Hour environmental campaign.

MSM Show Royal Sympathy

Kate Middleton's treatment by media leaves journalist teary-eyed during live broadcast: 'So angry right now'

A royal commentator broke down in tears during a live segment as she discussed breaking news of Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis and the media speculation beforehand.

El Papa On The Mend

Pope Francis skips homily at Palm Sunday Mass in rare move | CNN

Pope Francis unexpectedly skipped homily during the Palm Sunday Mass service in the Vatican on Sunday.

Baller Tradition Exposed

This Kansas City man bathes every Royals baseball in 'magic mud' before home games

Tom Walsh will apply a special, league-approved mud to more than 200 balls for every game, including the upcoming Royals home-opener on March 28 against the Minnesota Twins. The substance, described as a cross between chocolate pudding and whipped cold cream, is designed to take the shine off the ball and provide a better grip.

Rock Chalk Moving Forward

Kansas HC Bill Self explains why he's been thinking about next season for a month

It was not the typical season many are accustomed to when it comes to Kansas Jayhawks basketball.

Kangaroo Charge

UMKC Students Rally for Sustainability: The Push for a Green Fee Referendum

The UMKC Environmental Student Council (ESC) is pushing to reinstate funding for campus sustainability efforts on the March Student Government Association ballot. The proposed referendum would direct a percentage, which has not yet been decided, of the Student One Fee to a new sustainability fee that doesn't currently exist.

Classy Cowtown Taste

The Kemper's Artist Dinner Series Is Starting Off With A Bang

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art's annual Artist Dinner Series begins April 5 and will begin by featuring Chef Pam Liberda of Waldo Thai.

Forecast According To Grigs

Rain showers move in for our Sunday with strong winds.

Showers and windy conditions will continue through Monday morning

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