Kansas City Lawsuit Demands 'Local Control' Of Police Department

Again . . .

This is a misnomer. KCMO has local control  . . .What activists want is council & Mayoral control even amid widespread hostility to that governing body. 

Nevertheless . . . Here's the argument to make the police force just as HORRIBLY UNRELIABLE as the water department.


“Black people are policed differently, the numbers show it,” a local attorney said, referring to the Vehicle Stops Report from the Missouri Attorney General. “They get pulled over at a higher rate, they get cited at a higher rate.”

He says the statute that set up state control of KCPD is a relic of civil war governance.

“That has a discriminatory purpose and when a law has a discriminatory purpose when a law is passed, then that law is unconstitutional,” the lawyer said.

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Federal lawsuit is latest attempt for local control of Kansas City Police Department

Racial justice group MORE2 announced the latest attempt to get local control of the Kansas City Police Department back in Kansas City.