Kansas City Lady Soccer Earns Victory In Historic 'Dollhouse' Debut

From this day forward and for all time . . . It has been decreed . . . 



Here are just a few reasons:

Taxpayers are, in fact, subsidizing this endeavor very much like a doting father giving his young daughter a dollhouse so that they can pretend to be in charge of something important in hopes that one day they might achieve their dreams. 

Despite the hype . . . The stadium is smallish, dinky and very much a miniature version of a real sporting venue. 

Sorry, but like most of the dollhouse market . . . Women's soccer is mostly geared toward empowering young, white females. That's nice, sweet and shouldn't garner any objection . . . But to deny the truism is to ignore reality.

And so . . . 

We congratulate the team on their victory and hope that their efforts EARNS BACK the taxpayer funding they've been generously granted even if local media wants to ignore corporate welfare trends in pursuit of equality . . . Check-it:

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