Kansas City 'Kia Boyz' Targeting Families Coping With Ailing Youngsters

Let's start with a truism . . .

There is no honor amongst thieves.

And here's a local story that confirms this tragic fact of life and a car crime trend impacting people already struggling with misfortune:

This is the 2nd vehicle that has been stolen from the Ronald McDonald parking lot within a week; both vehicles were Kias.

The Ronald McDonald House says they have changed security protocols.

“We are doing more and doing different things so that we can make sure that this place stays a respite and a healing, safe, and welcoming place for families with sick kids,” said Tami Greenberg, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City CEO. “For all families staying at Ronald McDonald House, they are here because their children are seriously ill or injured. The last thing they need is something else to worry about.”

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2nd car stolen from Ronald McDonald House parking lot

A Kansas family is now without their vehicle after it was stolen from the Ronald McDonald House early Thursday morning.