Kansas City Hispanic & Black Chamber Collab

Right now we check counterpoint office space news from these locals at a time when everybody wants to work at home. 

Never mind the recent "center for urban enterprise" that recently went kaput on the Westside. 

Here's a more hopeful endeavor . . .

“This is like historic. We're the first in the nation. It'll be the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of Greater Kansas City housed under one roof to own our own building. I mean, this is not we're coming together and we're being together; we're leasing a building. We actually own 9100 Ward Parkway," said Kim Randolph president of the heartland Black Chamber of Commerce.

The money, in which half will go towards the purchase of a new building, will allow both chambers to unite and combine their mission. Both chambers serve as a backbone to many businesses in the Kansas City area offering a variety of services, but Randolph said this joint partnership is the first of its kind in the nation.

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Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Heartland Chamber of Commerce secure $4 million grant for joint headquarters

A move towards collaboration and economic development, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Heartland Chamber of Commerce have received a generous grant to expand their outreach.