Kansas City Fights Gender Pay Gap

A glimpse at local ladies struggling for cash.

However . . . Let's not forget . . . According to many of our conservative friends: 

The ‘Gender Pay Gap’ Is a Myth That Won’t Go Away

Meanwhile . . . Arguing with women about money is a GREAT way to ensure that you're going to be single for a very long time . . .

"U.S. women who work full-time make just 84 cents on the dollar compared to non-Hispanic, white men in the same roles. United Women Empowerment, an organization based here in Kansas City, is challenging employers to address those inequities."

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How one Kansas City organization is fighting against the gender pay gap

Wendy Doyle, the CEO of United Women's Empowerment, says childcare benefits and paid family leave are important things for employers to offer to retain women on their staff.