Kansas City Fight To Save Crossroads Must Overcome 8 Point Deficit

The zero hour is soon at hand and now local denizens of the discourse have only GOTV weekend to convince local voters. 

Recent polling from consultants leading the Royals & Chiefs campaign didn't reveal much but here at TKC we have EXCLUSIVE, LIVE & LATE-BREAKING INFO to share . . .

Here's the overview . . .


Some data points to consider . . . 

- These projections are beyond the margin of error and mostly dependent on polling of frequent voters. 

- Key components of YES VOTE support are labor unions and longstanding neighborhood groups. Moreover, Freedom, Inc., La Raza Political Club, SEIU and "The Heavies" were key factors in weighing survey returns.

- Behind the scenes -- Polling from Remington suggests a push. However, info on the QT and very hush, hush contends that the Axiom family didn't want to inspire opposition to push harder for victory. And so, early numbers were downplayed.

- A surprise that nobody  is factoring in . . . South side support is a key component in a potential Royals & Chiefs win despite the best efforts of KCMO Councilman Johnathan Duncan arguing against the teams and, quizzically, also in support of a Gaza ceasefire. 

- A great deal of online resistance we're seeing is from Johnson County voters who don't want to see ticket cost inflation and parking hassles that will invariably come with a downtown move . . . Those concerns are valid BUT they don't cast ballots in KC proper.  

- The fundraising battle has been completely lopsided and opponents haven't raised much cash for a ground game and voter harvesting. Caveat: KC Tenants are funded by dark money and their non-profit donations aren't subject to disclosure . . . But so far their efforts have mostly focused on forums amongst their membership whilst other groups are busy with MOBILIZATION and driving old ladies to the polling stations. 

- Low turnout favored the VOTE NO movement ON QUESTION 1 . . . Already we're seeing the highest projected turnout in recent KCMO election memory. 

- Finally, activist voices in the Crossroads haven't garnered a foothold in the Ward Parkway & Brookside corridor that typically hosts stronger turnout than downtown . . . In fact, most of the campaign has ignored this wide swath of Kansas City voters because residents of these neighborhoods fall outside of the typical X/Twitter demographic range. 

However . . .

The info that we've been able to glean from our betters isn't the final word . . . 


It turns out that demographics aren't always destiny and a few last minute theatrics might help turn the tide as the grassroots effort against Question 1 might now be garnering the momentum they need to achieve a HISTORIC UPSET VICTORY against incredible odds and campaign cash.

If "VOTE NO" activists and organizers pull off a miracle then it would be one of the greatest political shockers we've seen in the modern era. 

Food for thought that even our pro-sports teams might be afraid to acknowledge . . . 

Kansas City ALWAYS plays best against the odds.

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Developing . . .