Kansas City Faith Blogger Questions Historic View Of Israel War In Gaza

A former newsman and current Internets scribe on faith & moral offers his insight on history's first draft that's worth a read as a ceasefire proves illusive and the fighting persists:

"Think about how history is written and how it should be written. The kind of American history I grew up learning offered next to no space for the history of this land's Indigenous people, and that failure led to both ignorance about the cultural and physical genocide perpetrated by white European invaders and to a continuation of the diminishment of Native Americans' importance and culture. What we got was biased history, written not to tell an accurate story but to perpetuate a myth.

"That should not happen when the history of the Gaza-Israeli war is told. That will not be an easy task in which the Oct. 7 massacre and hostage-taking are somehow seen as equivalent to the brutal crushing of Gaza. Each is not the other."

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