Kansas City Earns Ranking On Top U.S. Obese City List

For the record . . . The top photo features a fair use public awareness campaign image of Brazilian women promoting "body positivity" and they're still better looking than most of the dudes who read this blog on the toilet after an unforgivable amount of takeout food on any given weekday night. 

But I digress . . . 

We're not here to shame anybody and TKC is currently in the midst of trying to fight yet another battle of the bulge that worsened over an exceptionally cold winter. 

Still . . .

Information is power and KCMO has a long history of glamorizing overeating whilst downplaying the negative impact of obesity on public health.

BTW: KCMO is #48 on this list for anybody who wants to cut to the chase. 

And so . . . Here's the info to power your own fight and make the "rabbit food" eating required to shed pounds a little more palatable . . . Check-it:

"With nearly 42 percent of U.S. adults classified as obese, the ramifications extend far beyond individual health, affecting the nation’s economy with obesity-related medical treatments costing around $190.2 billion annually and work absenteeism resulting in approximately $4.3 billion in productivity losses each year."

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