Kansas City Downtown Stadium Tax Campaign Of Fear?!?

In an interview on Royals Opening Day 2024 with Pete Mundo . . . Royals majority owner John Sherman was adamant about not making threats if the “No” vote wins out next week.

However . . .

Neither the unions nor the Crossroads activist have any problems with ramping up the fear factor ahead of the vote . . .

Bar & Tattoo shop owners seemingly believe that the new stadium will kill the Crossroads and turn all of KC into a sports bar. 

Meanwhile . . .

Credit to AWESOME TKC READERS for this mailer glimpse of local labor turning up the dial on local fears . . .

"Here's a mailing that I got today from the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO Project 2000. Who knew that we had only ONE chance to vote the right way on this or else the Chiefs would leave town forever, like 8 cities that denied stadium funding since 2012."

"Another group. Another reminder that we have ONE chance."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com links . . .

Kansas City Chiefs' Clark Hunt, Royals' John Sherman give final push for 'yes' vote on stadium sales tax

Clark Hunt, Chairman and CEO of the Chiefs, and John Sherman, Chairman and CEO of the Royals, sat down with KSHB 41 News to discuss Tuesday's vote on the stadium sales tax issue.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt sends message to Jackson County voters in final days before special election

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt shared a message with Jackson County voters as the hours tick closer to Tuesday's special election.

Jackson County Executive Frank White makes his case for voting no on stadium sales tax

Jackson County Executive Frank White says voters don't have enough information on the 3/8ths-cent stadium sales tax to make an informed decision on April 2nd.

Missouri Workers Coalition plans rally Monday in opposition to stadium sales tax

Several groups will host an April Fool's Day rally to show Royals and Chiefs they are not fools; encourage Jackson County, Mo., voters to choose 'no' on the stadium sales tax ballot question.

Developing . . .