Kansas City Double Up: Bridge Disaster & Legal Fight For Life

It's Tuesday and so biz lady, actress and model hottie Lindsey along with her talents remind us to share this peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

And The Wiener Is . . . 

Kansas City Royals announce hot dog partner for 2024 season

The Kansas City Royals have partnered with Vienna Beef to offer premium hot dogs at Kaufman Stadium.

Hand It To New Boss

Shawnee City Council unanimously approves contract for new city manager

The Shawnee City Council unanimously approved a contract for new city manager Paul Kramer on Monday night.

Community Fabric Debuts . . .

PHKC planning to open its retail incubator in mid-May; here's a first look inside the east side space

A new space for entrepreneurs to test-run their retail businesses is envisioned as a 12- to 16-month stepping stone to their own permanent storefronts or locations, said Dan Smith, and the resource could be open as soon as this spring.

Tragic Runaround Aftermath

Driver hits poles, tree, killed in overnight crash

The Jeep was said to be speeding westbound on 33rd Street.

Show-Me Weed Biz Cash Probs

Financial funnels of MO cannabis and why the purchase process at pot shops can be so annoying

Here is an in-depth look at the hoops that those in the cannabis industry and those on the banking side leap through to make it work.

Conserving Sunflower State

To save water in the Ogallala aquifer, look to parts of Kansas already using less

People in the agriculture industry are still looking for local solutions to save what is left of the Ogallala aquifer that supports western Kansas. But systemic challenges are making it a slow effort.

Another Musical Serving . . . 

Grammy-Award-winning band Korn to bring 2024 tour to Kansas City

The two-time Grammy-award-winning band Korn has announced their 2024 tour stop in Kansas City at the T-Mobile Center on Oct. 18.

Hottie Shares Science Fact . . .

Lindsey Pelas In Bikini Says Her 'Chi Chis' Reduce Stress Levels

Bombshell Lindsey Pelas is stunning in her nude bikini on the beach as she shows how her chi chis "reduce stress levels."

American Disaster Today

At least 6 missing: Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapses after container ship hits support column

A massive container ship adrift at 9 mph issued a “mayday” early Tuesday as it headed toward the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge, losing power before colliding with one of the bridge’s support columns. .

Supreme Life Fight Underway

Takeaways from the Supreme Court arguments over the abortion drug mifepristone | CNN Politics

A majority of Supreme Court justices appeared skeptical Tuesday of the idea of a nationwide ban or new limits on mifepristone, the primary drug used for medication abortions.

MAGA Shushed

Donald Trump given gag order about witnesses in NYC criminal hush money trial

A judge issued a limited gag order against Donald Trump commenting on jurors and witnesses, such as Stormy Daniels, in his New York hush money case.

Prez Reconsiders Outcry

Biden reacts to pro-Palestinian protesters: 'They have a point'

"They have a point," Biden said, after the protesters were escorted out. "We need to get a lot more care into Gaza."

Holy Land Seyz American Politics Isn't Helping

Israel says UN resolution damaged Gaza ceasefire talks

PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas has been emboldened by the demand for an immediate ceasefire.

Blame Game From Vlad & Co

Russia's FSB chief accuses Ukraine, US and UK of being behind Moscow shooting

The director of Russia's most powerful security agency said on Tuesday that he believed Ukraine, along with the United States and Britain, were involved in the attack on a concert hall just outside Moscow that killed at least 139 people.

Alleged Hip-Hop Helper Caught

Diddy's Alleged 'Mule' Arrested on Drug Charges During Federal Agent Run-In

Diddy's alleged "mule" -- as described in a recent lawsuit -- was arrested Monday while Diddy and his crew were stopped by federal law enforcement agents ... TMZ has confirmed.

Advice On Old Switcheroo

This trans man transitioned, detransitioned then transitioned again. What he wants you to know.

Just because someone detransitions doesn't necessarily make them any less trans. Take it from a man who detransitioned then transitioned again.

Hip-Drop Disallowed

NFL video of now illegal tackle included a special focus on a Chiefs player

The NFL outlawed the hip-drop tackle and showed a video that featured Chiefs safety Justin Reid. He wasn't happy about the change.

Tragic Story & Outpouring Of Support

Former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader dies of sepsis

Former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Krystal Anderson has died suddenly from complication with sepsis days after giving birth to her stillborn daughter.

Another Lady Kickoff Awaits

The Women's Cup coming to CPKC Stadium in the summer

CPKC Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Current, will host The Women's Cup (TWC) matches this summer.

Spirited Local Story

Chingu founders, Mean Mule partner for KC's first soju - a Korean nod to vodka, distilled with culture

Serial foodpreneurs Keeyoung Kim and David Son are launching the Midwest's first locally distilled premium soju - a pays homage to the traditions of soju, but embraces a new era of cocktail culture.

Spring Chill For Cowtown . . . 

Bring back the big coats for today

Light rain showers and even a light wintry mix could cause the roads to become wet and slick

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