Kansas City Demand For Slavery Reparations Will Earn UN Audience

The cowtown struggle to attach a monetary value to the eternal struggle for social justice will soon take the global stage. 

Here's a sneak preview is a story that was mostly downplayed and politely ignored this week:

Kansas City African Americans provided their perspective on what the state of the community is ahead of Howard Law Professor Justin Hansford presentation to the United Nations Permanent Forum on people of African descent.

The report will be given in late April  to the UN and the Mayor’s Commission on Reparations wants to use those findings here at the local level.

“The concept of reparations, the key part of that term is repair, so you’re trying to repair the city,” Hansford said. “True reparations involve investing in institutions that can bridge those gaps. Most people think about it in terms of handing an individual person a check, I don’t think that’s the whole story, I think it’s a lot to do with fixing institutions that are broken.”

The Mayor’s Commission on Reparations has five core initiatives they aim to address here in Kansas City; health, education, economics, criminal justice and housing.

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The Mayor's Commission on Reparations hosted Howard Law Professor Justin Hansford during his listening tour across 40 cities in the United States for the Black Audit Report.

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Community members were invited to tell their stories in sessions hosted by the Black Audit Project, a group that is assessing communities on their work for Black residents, on Thursday.

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