Kansas City Crossroads Voting Power Reconsidered?!?!

Actually, we're gonna use this post to share A TON OF REPORTING on this hotly debated topic.

However . . .

This quote by way of BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS gives us something to think about as we come down to the wire . . .

"Are the enough votes in the Crossroads to defeat Question 1??? On paper they don't stack up favorably against other neighborhoods. I understand that they're leveraging their influence but this election will show us EXACTLY how much power to to turn out the vote they have garnered over the years. They might surprise of people if they can inspire more voters to the polls."

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Royals leaders, labor leaders meet in support of Question 1

"At the end of the day, it's about sustaining ourselves as a major league city."

Royals, Chiefs continue community conversations about vote for stadiums sales tax

Jackson County voters could be deciding the future of the Royals and Chiefs in Kansas City with their decision on a proposed 3/8-cent stadiums sales tax.

Can voters, poll workers wear Chiefs or Royals gear when they head to the polls April 2?

Depending on your role at the polls, you might want to leave your Royals or Chiefs sweatshirt at home.

'Super betrayed by everyone': Questions loom for Crossroads business owners ahead of Royals stadium decision

As the vote for the 3/8-cent stadiums sales tax looms on April 2, businesses in the Crossroads are grappling with uncertainty about their futures.

Debate continues in Jackson County as April 2 stadium sales tax nears

On April 2, voters will decide on a stadium sales tax that would generate more than $1.5 billion over the next four decades.

Answering your questions about Chiefs, Royals stadium sales tax vote

From tailgating to how the teams plan to pay for their community benefits agreements, KSHB 41 News dives into your questions on the stadium sales tax vote.

Why are many small businesses against the new Royals stadium?

"The strong opposition to the new stadium, and the 3/8 cent sales tax that accompanies it, fascinates me," writes Tyler Enders. "As a small business owner who's spent the past four years integrating myself into the greater business and civic community, I believe wholeheartedly that our city is better off because of and better off with the Royals and the Chiefs."

Royals CEO, former Chiefs player host 'Vote Yes' rally on stadium tax question

They spoke on different topics weighing on voter's minds including the impact on small businesses and economic benefits.

Chiefs, Royals send new lease agreements to Jackson County Sports Complex Authority for review

The Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals said Monday they have submitted new lease agreements for review by the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority.

Crossroads stadium is 'what's best for Kansas City,' property owner says

Business owners in the teardown zone of the Royals' proposed Crossroads baseball stadium will be forced to relocate if voters approve the 3/8th-cent sales tax on the April 2 ballot. While the location has upset some property owners and tenants in the area, others say it's good for the neighborhood.

How will Royals manage parking for 38,000 fans in KC Crossroads? Architects detail plan

Those planning the new baseball stadium said they'll try to apply the current process used at Truman Sports Complex to the new location, if Jackson County voters pass the stadium tax.

Kansas City Royals announce commitments to the Crossroads Community Association - Downtown Council of Kansas City

On Saturday, the Kansas City Royals announced commitments they will make to the Crossroads Community Association with benefits that will extend beyond its borders and enhance the larger community if Jackson County voters approve Question 1 on April 2nd. Earlier in the week, the Royals and Kansas City Chiefs released a $260 million community benefits agreement for Jackson County.

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