Kansas City Crook Earns Hard Time For Dark Web Drug Deals & Crypto Payouts

Local connection to the increasingly dangerous Internets . . . Check-it:

"SUSPECT sentenced to a decade in federal prison without the possibility of parole. The sentence follows an investigation into his alleged sale of methamphetamine and heroin on the dark web.

"Court records indicated that he was ordered to forfeit $22,000 to the government in place of proceeds gathered from his illegal drug trafficking scheme. On Aug. 16, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute meth and heroin.

"Court documents noted that SUSPECT admitted he had sold illegal drugs over the dark web through an online marketplace called White House Market between May 15, 2020, and Aug. 6, 2021. Federal agents used cryptocurrency to buy meth and heroin from SUSPECT through an undercover account on two separate occasions in 2021."

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KC man sentenced to decade in prison for selling meth, heroin on dark web

A Kansas City man who admitted to selling meth and heroin on the dark web will spend the next decade in prison.