Kansas City Chiefs Now Threaten To Leave Town If Question 1 Loses

This kind of talk is downplayed by local media but it's still important and national MSM has taken notice . . . Here's the Super Bowl champ ultimatum:

Mark Donovan, the president of the Chiefs, spoke to KSHB-TV about the franchise's future in Kansas City. He admit there's no guarantee the team will stay put.

"I just know that for us, the Chiefs, we have to look at all of our options," Donovan said.

Donovan made it clear the Chiefs want to remain in Kansas City.

"Our goal here is we want to stay here," Donovan said. "And we're willing to accept a deal, which is actually better for the country, to stay here."

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The Chiefs Admit They Are Considering Leaving Kansas City

Don't look now, but the Chiefs could eventually leave Kansas City. On April 2, the city will vote on whether it wants to keep its current sales tax bill or