Kansas City Artsy Exhibit Explained

Actually . . . This is worth a look for locals who don't respond to every expression of creativity with disdain, fear and reactionary hate . . . Even if those responses kinda make our blog community giggle and might be the reason for including local artsy news every so often . . . Either way . . . For those who dare to jump off the couch . . . Crass comments to a patient significant other might be appreciated when they come with precious time away from a screen . . . Here's the local opportunity to gawk at a shape other than a ball:

The sculpture, Grand HexaNet, is a six-sided, seemingly floating piece of art that stands 29 feet high. It was created by Elias Crespin, the artist behind the innovative piece.

Crespin calls it an electric kinetic artwork.

"They are suspended, metallic, geometric, dancing sculptures," Crespin explained.

The sculptures appear to dance in mid-air, moving individually and freely. Crespin has been creating these types of artworks for over two decades.

This particular piece, now residing in Kansas City, is similar to another one of his works displayed in the Louvre Museum in France.

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Kansas City welcomes "Grand HexaNet" to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

A unique hanging motion sculpture, the first of its kind in the area, is set to become a permanent fixture at the Nelson-Atkins