Kansas City Artist Peregrine Honig Explains Stadium Tax Opposition

Another exceptional message sent our way from a leader in the Crossroads Kansas City arts community.

Special thanks to Peregrine Honig for taking time to explain her view on the upcoming Jackson County Question 1 vote:

"The moment a creative shows a spark of commodified talent we are asked to donate to auctions, perform at dinner parties, offer our time and energy to fix poorly-planned, over-catered events advertising that THESE TICKETS raise money for things we believe will help humanity. Community progress does not look like campaign progress but it is stronger, built from better material and infinitely more efficient. The problems with this bill is beyond taxes and parking. It is an issue of respect and responsibility to the legacy and sustainability of the working creative class. We have been asked to turn straw into gold and we are now being told to move on. Tentatively offered straw. Alchemy is time sensitive and our dignity is determined by what we won’t do for money. I am voting NO for clarity in growth, transparency of how and where things are planted, the quality of care for those attending to the garden and finally, who will reap this harvest."


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