Kansas City 2024 Crime Symposium Accomplished Nothing

With respect to "the science" of hottie Mel D . . . 

Sympathies to anyone waiting for a grand conclusion, good idea or even a noteworthy statement from this local meetup . . . An impressive gathering merely offered the same old rhetoric that we've heard throughout the HISTORIC SPIKE IN LOCAL HOMICIDES . . . But here's a nice quote on the topic:

More than 300 Kansas City-area stakeholders — including civic leaders, business leaders, law enforcement and nonprofits — came together for the KC United for Safety Symposium and Community Forum last week in an effort to create one comprehensive plan to reduce violent crime.

Dr. Monique Johnston, executive director of Youth Ambassadors, a violence prevention and job skills program, attended the event.

"I think, what you find is that we have to create room for young people to come to the table," Johnston said. "We find that, you know, if you take time to connect with young people and ask them what they think the issues are, they can tell you what's going on and provide a young person's perspective about what they think would be impactful for moving the needle forward and stopping violent crime in Kansas City."

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If Kansas City wants to address violent crime, 'we have to create room for young people'

More than 300 people attended the two-day KC United for Safety symposium aimed at creating a comprehensive plan to address violent crime in Kansas City. Organizers hope to share their recommendations in April.