Kansas 'Choose Topeka' Cash Payments Look To Lure Even More Latinos

On the topic of demographics and changing times . . . 

Right now here's a passage that drills down into the deets of this program . . .

Of course this might spark debate about "the great replacement theory" which MIGHT be a viable complaint if not for the fact that: These folks are only "replacing" tumbleweeds as even our conservative friends are forced to confront the cruel reality of population loss for the Sunflower State. 

Accordingly . . . We notice an effort to push back with the trend as the complexion of Kansas begins to change.


The Choose Topeka program that launched in 2019 offers up to $15,000 to each applicant who finds a job and moves to the Topeka area. It's an economic development effort by Go Topeka, a local public-private partnership.

Hispanic and Latino populations are growing rapidly in the state, and Topeka has one of the larger communities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 16.5% of Topeka’s population is Hispanic or Latino, which is roughly 20,000 people.

Bob Ross, a spokesperson for Go Topeka said that community has been established in Topeka for more than 100 years and is a unique feature for the city.

The city has leaned into that. For instance, the Topeka school district offers dual language education where students learn in both Spanish and English in their classes.

“If you're a first-generation immigrant and you speak Spanish,” Ross said, “Topeka can be a very welcoming community for you.”

The Latino population in Kansas is expected to continue growing rapidly in the decades to come.

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A Topeka program pays cash to new residents. Now it's focusing on Latino immigrants

Interest in Choose Topeka's relocation incentive has spiked among first-generation Latino immigrants. Program officials say the city's established Spanish-speaking community is a big reason why.