Kansas ACLU Argues Against AG Kobach Victory On Trans ID

The legal debate over "trans rights" for youngsters in schools and by way of public ID is ongoing.

We blogged earlier that courts seem to agree with Kansas AG Kobach in his legal arguments on the trans driver's license issue.

Now, here's the perspective from his opposition amid the ongoing court battle . . .

“The Kansas Constitution’s Bill of Rights guarantees all Kansans, including those who are transgender, rights of personal autonomy, privacy, and equality. The Court has mistakenly adopted the Attorney General’s overbroad interpretation of SB180, which provides no language whatsoever requiring the state to force Kansans to carry inaccurate identification cards, against their fundamental rights,” said D.C. Hiegert, LGBTQ+ Legal Fellow for the ACLU of Kansas. “But perhaps most importantly, the Court has decided that the state’s administrative interest outweighs the threat of harassment, discrimination, and violence to individual Kansans. This is clearly dangerous, and it wholly contradicts the tragic reality of current trends.”

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ACLU appeals ruling that Kansas ban on gender marker changes doesn't violate trans rights

The ACLU of Kansas will appeal Shawnee County District Court Judge Teresa Watson's ruling siding with Kris Kobach against gender marker changes.