Kansas Abortions Questions Move Forward

This legislation is unpopular and lamented by most Democratic Party backers . . . We're not sure if it's effective but a great deal of vehement opposition to it makes it seem to discourage abortion . . . Which might not be such a horrible thing.


"The House approved, in an 81-39 vote, a bill that would require providers to ask patients 11 questions about their reasons for terminating a pregnancy, including that they can’t afford another child, raising a child would hinder their education or careers, or a spouse or partner wanted her to have an abortion. The bill goes next to the state Senate, where it also is likely to pass.

"At least seven states require similar reporting, but none have had a statewide vote on abortion rights as Kansas did in August 2022. In the first state ballot question on abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, voters decisively protected abortion rights under the state constitution."

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Voters backed abortion rights. Yet Kansas could make doctors ask patients why they want abortions

Kansas would join at least seven other states with Republican legislatures that ban most abortions even though voters have affirmed abortion rights in the state.