Judge Approves More Lady Witnesses Against Suspected Dirty Cop In The Dotte

The allegations of urban women in the Dotte who claim to have endured years of sexual assault at the hands of a detective on the KCK police force could prove disastrous for the organization and might even lead to a "decommission" of this law enforcement agency.

On the other hand . . .

It's important for critical news readers to remember that many of these claims will NEVER be confirmed by a court of law because the defendant is dying and will likely be gone long before a trial is ever completed.

Check-it . . .

"The women who have said that Golubski abused and terrified them have grown less and less hopeful as this case has dragged on without any trial date being set. But this ruling expanding the testimony the jury will be able to hear at last gave them the good news they so desperately needed."

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Golubski judge rules other women can testify former cop sexually assaulted them, too | Opinion

The ex-Kansas City, Kansas, police detective's trial will be delayed, but seven additional victims of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault will be heard.

7 women who accused Roger Golubski of assault now get to testify against him in court

In a victory for prosecutors, a federal judge ruled that the experiences of seven other women Golubski allegedly assaulted show much the same "alleged set of forced sex acts," use the "same set of tactics" and all the victims "fit a certain profile." But the judge refused prosecutors' request to set a trial date.