Jackson Mahomes PROBS Avoids Jail After Pleading No Contest

And so the saga of an ALLEGED assault after a fateful Johnson County dinner party is now complete for Jackson Mahomes. 

The final note barely qualifies as a wrist slap. 

However . . . We added the tag "probs" to the headline because . . . As he has shown us time and time again: There isn't much that Jackson Mahomes CAN'T screw up. Honestly, we wish him the best and hope he stays out of trouble as the warmer weather begins. 

Nevertheless . . . 

Around this dump of a blog we call him "Mahomes the Lesser" because that is fancy and hilarious. 

And . . . 

Some might decry this verdict as special treatment given the EPIC resources at work for the young TikTok star . . . Then again . . . His innocent and fun-loving image seemingly took at hit given his absence from social media . . . Again, here at TKC we look forward to his return to online dancing if only because it provides us an opportunity to giggle at our betters.

In any event . . . We're interested to know what readers think about this one . . . Here's the basics of today's news update . . . And we don't expect to see the guy on the side of the road picking up trash with all the rest of the plebs working off their "no contest" pleas . . . Check-it:

As part of the plea, Mahomes will receive a 6-month suspended sentence, avoiding jail time if he follows court orders. He also can’t have contact with the victim and is required to go through a alcohol and drug treatment and therapy.

“(Mahomes) was on pre-trial services for seven-plus months and performed flawlessly. I think this is a good resolution,” Mahomes’ attorney Brandan Davies said. 

"A Johnson County judge ordered the Johnson County Sheriff's Department to find out if Mahomes qualifies for work release.

"The plea comes in a case that began with an incident February 23, 2023, at an Overland Park restaurant."

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Jackson Mahomes pleads no contest to misdemeanor charge, will avoid jail time if he follows orders

Jackson Mahomes has pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge in Johnson County, Kansas.

Jackson Mahomes enters plea, likely avoids jail, over restaurant incident

Jackson Mahomes, brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, pleaded no contest to battery and received a six month suspended sentence.

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