Jackson County Exec Frank White's Downtown Stadium Last Stand?!?

As much as anything else . . . Or more . . . An upcoming vote on sales tax extension, significant improvements to Arrowhead & the proposed downtown stadium is ALSO a referendum on courthouse leader Jackson County Executive Frank White. 

This week the local legend made his case to journalists across the metro and this seems to be the summation of this thoughts:

(Exec) White revealed that communication between him and the Royals and Chiefs has been sparse since January, when the county legislature overrode his veto to get the sales tax renewal on the ballot.

"Well, you know, I think every when you're in a situation like this, everybody wants a villain," White said. "And I guess I'm that I'm the villain that they want. But what I really believe that my my job as a as a county executive is to do what's in the best interests of the of the county taxpayers."

In response . . . An AWESOME INSIDER sent us this word . . .  

"In the end, how has the Executive helped facilitate this process??? He hasn't. The secret is out and even the teams have responded to what seems like a political vendetta. Like it or not, they're putting something on the table that voters can take or leave . . . We haven't seen as much from the Executive's office . . . Only resistance. If anything, I think that's an unproductive stance even for the no votes and it's something that will have a lasting impact on discussions moving forward."

UPDATE . . . 

A note from an article that deserves a highlight: 

“White also told us he wants to run for reelection in 2026.”

As always, we invite readers to share their conclusions and this post serves mostly as place to document some of the better recent reporting. 

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