Jackson County Denies Second Opinion On 'Concrete Cancer' Diagnosis For The K

Sadly . . . 

It's terminal. 

And now one of the top ranked & best ballparks in the nation is doomed to the scrapheap of history thanks to clever medical terminology enacted by the home team front office. 

Here's an update of a story that doesn't convince anybody but does serve to remind us that that local leaders often invent language in order shape reality and it's fair, reasonable and often safer to avoid their prognosis altogether. 


“Mr Donovan has publicly stated that Arrowhead Stadium does not suffer from ‘concrete cancer’... whereas Kauffman Stadium, constructed in the same period and ostensibly with the same materials, does due to a purportedly ‘bad batch’ of concrete.

“This assertion raises significant questions, particularly as the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority’s annual facility report had made no mention of ASR or similar structural concerns.”

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Jackson County sports authority sees no need to investigate 'concrete cancer' at the K

Annual studies of both Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums show that they are sound, but have signs of aging concrete.