Teacher Pay Raise Saves KCPS???

Not likely.

However . . . 

Given that crumbling American public education is basically nothing more than a babysitting service and free lunch program . . . Which at least helps to maintain some semblance of order in many neighborhoods . . . It's probably a good thing that some workers are excited about a pay bump.


Everyone along the KCPS salary scale will receive a raise and no one already employed by district will receive less than an a $2,000 increase, according to Jason Roberts, ATF KC Teachers Federation President.

"This raise reflects our commitment to valuing teacher's contributions and also providing them with a competitive salary, said KCPS Superintendent Jennifer Collier.

One teacher says news of the raises gave his co-workers a jolt: "Its really just boosted morale around our school and for me personally."

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"This raise is real and it impacts our kids," KCPS teacher on salary increases

More than a thousand Kansas City, Mo., Public School District employees will see a pay raise in the next school year.