H&R Block Lawsuit Puts System On Trial

The claim from this local corporate juggernaut deserves a glimpse if only because the implications of the decision could challenge how a governmental regulatory agency conducts business  . . . Here's the word:

 The lawsuit in Kansas City, Missouri, federal court claims the FTC’s use of internal administrative law judges to hear cases violates the US Constitution.

The FTC last month accused H&R Block of deceiving customers with broad marketing for “free” online tax filing services that really only apply to simple returns. The agency also said H&R Block had unfairly deleted consumers’ tax data.

H&R Block has denied the FTC’s claims. A hearing before an administrative judge is set for Oct. 23. 

The crux of the latest claim . . .

Wednesday’s lawsuit cites the power of US presidents enshrined in the Constitution to remove “inferior officers.”

It says the FTC’s internal judges are improperly insulated from that authority, and that the agency must abandon their use.

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H&R Block sues US Federal Trade Commission over tax ads probe | CNN Business

H&R Block sued the US Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday, seeking an order that could upend the agency's case accusing the tax giant of misleading consumers about the scope of its free tax-filing services.

H&R Block sues FTC over probe into 'deceptive' tax ads promising free filings

H&R Block sued the FTC, seeking an order that could throw a wrench in the agency's complaint filed last month over the software's deceptive ads.

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