Goodbye Barney Allis Plaza Parking Garage

A low key closure deserves a bit of scrutiny because there are still efforts to "develop" this parcel into something monstrous without voter consent. 

Thankfully . . . There's not a lot of money or interest in taking on the project.

For now, here's even less local parking downtown amid stadium talks . . .

Constructed in 1954, the garage was last renovated in 1984.

Rather than repair the garage again, which the city estimates would cost $30 million to only extend its life for 10 more years, the garage must go through an environmental abatement process to prepare for demolition.

City officials note the garage has suffered from erosion, crumbling concrete and dated electrical capabilities.

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Parking garage at Barney Allis Plaza in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to close in April

The Auditorium Plaza Garage at Barney Allis Plaza will close in April as the parking area can "no longer functionally operate," per a spokesperson for Kansas City, Missouri.